Professional Education and Training in the Art and Dance.

About Us

Main Street Dance Theatre’s pride and excellence in our professional staff, talented students, and accredited curriculum- appropriate to age, level, and interest – allows everyone to experience the joy of a positive dance program.

Skills and talent that are taught in dance class give young women and men the right posture and prowess to present themselves well in any situation. Young dancers gain confidence in themselves and their capabilities in dance and as well as other undertakings. Dance classes and dance teachers encourage students to build stamina, coordination, strength, and confidence through the expressive discipline of dance.

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“The Creative Arts Preschool Inc. believes all children deserve the opportunity to learn and express themselves through art, dance, music, and movement.”

The unique learning environment provided at the Creative Arts Preschool Inc. allows for children ages 3-5 to gain exposure to many creative art forms during the daily three or 4 1/2 hour program. Involvement in these art forms allows for children to practice confidence building, early math concepts, creative thoughts and an understanding of the world around them.

Since the fall of 2007, it has been the goal and dream of owner and program developer Dana Sorg, to design an outlet for parents with interests in children’s music, foreign languages, yoga, martial arts, drumming, classical dance, and more. The Creative Arts Preschool program which can accommodate up to sixteen children per day combines one specialty daily, provided by local artists, dance (ballet, tap, and jazz), art, and snack all intertwined in a traditional preschool setting.

To date, the children enrolled in the Creative Arts Preschool have worked with Rhythms and Drums from the Emerson Cultural center, Lisa Ash with Ash’s Karate, Jackie Swanson with Kinder Musik, Laura Kronske and Montana Kids Yoga, and Michelle West of the Spanish Music Lingua program. More artists will join the preschool throughout the coming year. Parents may select from one to five days of schooling in either the academic year, which runs from September through May, and/or the summer programs in June, July and August.

About the Program

Main Street Dance Theatre (formerly known as Montana Ballet School) and resident performing company Big Sky Dance Ensemble provides all students in our region with professional education and training in the art and discipline of dance. Whether a student takes dance as an enjoyable after school hobby or as a budding star specializing in the profession of dance, it is our goal to nurture both the dedication and love of the demands and rewards a highly gratifying dance program offers.

Additional opportunities to our standard curriculum are available to all students. These include participation in a quality annual season of dance productions and performances, master classes, outreach programs, private lessons, workshops and more. We pride ourselves in bringing these extra programs to our students to pass on the legacy and art of dance. Sharing these traditional, invaluable experiences will be memorable for your children, our students, throughout their lives.

The staff selected to instruct our blossoming talent, are all nationally recognized professional dancers, excelling at the top of their discipline. Each instructor has many years of experience in performing, choreographing and directing, and most importantly teaching. As a parent, you can be assured that your child will receive top notch instruction with the confidence and consistency each child deserves. The staff continues their knowledge in their respected field annually with continuing education courses specifically designed for accredited dance instructors. Our ballet program is a Vaganova based syllabus and students will also become familiarized and be exposed to Balanchine, RAD method, and Bourneville techniques.

Many programs, designed for students of all ages and abilities, are held throughout the academic year and summer months. Providing one of the most nurturing young dancer programs in the area, our beginners receive the same attention and training provided to our most advanced students. Parents are welcome to register children as young as their two year old tot and begin experiencing a fun loving version of introductory ballet for even the tiniest tutu fanatics. A dynamic program has been created which allows for coordination and creativity to develop while parents either join in or watch from the sidelines!

Our outstanding history in Bozeman of being recognized for the strongest ballet program, continues the legacy and vision Ann Bates (founder of Montana Ballet School) and Dana Sorg shared together when Montana Ballet School changed ownership and became Main Street Dance Theatre. The enhanced ballet program now includes ballet history, master classes, variations, summer intensives, modern, Pilates, yoga and ballet stretching in the curriculum.

Equally as strong, and growing quickly in national recognition are our quality Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, and Hip Hop programs. These programs are geared to keeping classes fun and up to date with current music and moves. Whether you’re bound for Broadway, Hollywood, or just looking for something fun after school, we are ready for action.